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Performance. Measured.

We empower our clients to change behavior through reward and recognition. Our team's expertise supplies a  powerful collaboration of creative, technology, administration, procurement, fulfillment, customer care and analytics – all working to deliver powerful performance improvement solutions.

•Sales Incentive Programs

•Our sales incentive programs work to motivate those who can influence decisions at the time of purchase.  Sounds pretty serious, but it can be seriously fun. Driving sales in order to earn merchandise, trips, tickets, gift cards, and more results in rewards for employees…and revenue for the team. 2 Squares handles program architecture, communication strategy, administration, award procurement, fulfillment, participant care and reporting. Now, that’s fun!

•Years of Service 

•We create both custom and “out-of-the box” Years of Service programs that reward and recognize employees for their commitment and hard work. Using personalized certificates, electronic messaging, milestone gifts, trophies & plaques, experiential rewards or virtual awards – we design programs that suit your culture and create a meaningful message for your most valued assets – your talent!

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